Our Small Business Services


We offer professional tax preparation services for personal, business, and corporate returns. Christian has been doing taxes for over 10 years and has filed thousands of returns, including some very complicated ones. Our fees are very affordable compared to a lot of the chains, and we’re knowledgeable about local sales and income tax because we live and work here. Whether you're filing as an individual or married, have no dependents or five, we can help.

To make things even easier, everything can be done over the internet with our firm. You can send Christian a picture of your W2, and he will provide a free, no obligation quote. If you want to continue, copies of your tax return can be sent to your email, and we can even take our fees out of your return, so you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket!


We also offer financial management services for small businesses. As a businessowner, you have bigger things to worry about than bookkeeping, payroll, planning, payables, and receivables. Plus, not every businessowner has the knowledge to handle all of these accounting tasks. Christian can help take these items off your plate, so you can focus on growing your business and providing the best customer service you can. We can help you manage daily transactions, look at your payroll taxes, and manage your supplier and customer invoices.


In addition to preparing your taxes, we also offer some consulting services that allow us to act as your trusted advisor. Taxes can be tricky, and it helps to have someone in your corner. Whether you’re getting audited or just need some advice on whether you’re making the right moves, we can help meet your needs. Your preparer can help offer some creative solutions to help you either get the most refund or reduce the amount you owe. We can also help you make amendments to your returns or file an extension if you need a little extra time.

Our office is conveniently located on East Reynolds Road in Lexington, KY. Because we can do everything online, you don't have to be located near us for us to help you. If you have questions about how we can help or just want more information about our services, give us a call today! We're available for clients all over the bluegrass and can't wait to serve you.