Small Business Management Services


When it comes to running a small business, there are so many aspects that don’t deal directly with the product or service you provide. Financial management can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re not trained on it. Luckily, the experts at More Tax Refund offer small business management services to help you with these aspects, so you can focus on the parts of your business that you know best.


Our bookkeeping services can help you track daily transactions, so you only have to worry about making the sale, not what comes next. We can also help create monthly financial reports to ensure your sales are on track with your goals. We can also keep track of changes that happen with sales taxes, as well as keep track of quarterly taxes and withholding. Finally, we’ll help you reconcile your bank statements with internal accounts and help out if you ever get audited.


Depending on how many employees you have, keeping track of payroll can be a nightmare, especially if you’re dealing with commissions. We can take payroll management off your plate, so you can feel confident in knowing your employees will get paid correctly and on time, every time. We can collect all the information from you and use that to calculate gross wages, as well as withholding and deductions and set up your employees’ preferred payment methods. 

Tax Planning

Sometimes it’s hard to know which decisions you make can lead to tax deductions. We can help you examine the options you’re looking at and decide which ones will make the most sense from a tax perspective. Additionally, we can help you plan other aspects of your business, like sales goals, by looking at your current numbers and creating future projections.

Payables and Receivables

We know you likely have more transactions than just those with your customers. We also specialize in payables and receivables to help you manage invoices both from suppliers and to clients. 

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To learn more about the small business management services we offer, contact the team at More Tax Refund today! We are conveniently located on East Reynolds Rd in Lexington, Kentucky, and we proudly serve Lexington, Nicholasville, Versailles, and Paris, KY.