Tax Preparation Services Near Lexington, KY


Tax time is a lot of people’s least favorite time of year, but it doesn’t have to be! When you have the right preparer on your side, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) can seem a lot less scary and all of the stress of filing your taxes can just melt away. More Tax Refund is a full-service tax firm that can take a look at your tax forms to ensure you get the service you need. Christian Martinez, owner and operator of More Tax Refund, is a licensed professional with over 10 years of experience filing personal, business, and corporate income tax returns. He’s handled thousands of different returns over the years, including some extremely complicated ones. Give us a call today to see what our service can do for you!

At More Tax Refund, we live and work in the Lexington community, so we’re familiar with local and state tax rates and laws. We’ve worked with people filing independently, married filing jointly, married filing separate, and people with no dependents or multiple. Whatever your situation, we’re confident that we have the knowledge to ensure you get the maximum refund available to you or that you owe the least possible.

Because we’re locally owned and operated, we can offer much lower fees than many of the chain tax prep firms. Plus, our services are extremely convenient because they can all be done by phone or internet. To start, you can simply send Christian a picture of your W2, and he will reply with a free, no-obligation quote. If you want to proceed, he can take payment by Venmo (or similar methods), or we can take our fees out of your return, so you won’t have to pay anything out of pocket! He can also email you copies of your return, meaning you’ll never actually have to visit our office, which is great for clients who don’t live in the Lexington area.


Have questions about the process before you get started? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page! You can also fill out the contact form on our website to tell us more about your needs or concerns before getting a quote. We are conveniently located on East Reynolds Road in Lexington, KY if you want to visit our office, but we’re also available to help customers all over Central Kentucky find solutions to their tax problems. We even offer consulting services to help small business owners make sure they're making the right decisions in regard to their taxes, bookkeeping and payroll, and other financial aspects. Contact us to see how we can help you!

Recent Reviews for Tax Preparation Near Lexington, KY

"Best place in Lexington to get your taxes done.  Christian is knowledgeable about all the changes that happen year to year to make sure you get the beatbox refund possible. Costs less than others like hr block and I got more back than hr block said I would." ★★★★★ Dream, Google


"Christian was thorough, inexpensive, and a pleasure to work with!" ★★★★★ Jordan, Google

"Great place! Christian is a really nice person I really recommend this place to get your taxes fast and cheap." ★★★★★ Adriana, Google