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Tax Preparer

More tax refund is a tax preparation service in Lexington, KY with over 10 years of experience. We prepare personal and business tax returns. Our fees are generally more affordable than our competitors, since we are a small local tax preparation office. In our office you will find the most amicable and friendly staff. Our services consists of preparing tax returns, assisting with tax audits, filing extensions, amending tax returns, opening up new businesses and more.  Our expert Christian Martinez has done extensive training courses with the IRS to provide you with reliable answers to your tax questions. His focus is to prepare tax returns in the most accurate and timely manner, so that our clients feel safe and secure to file their tax returns with us. In addition, Christian is very kind, friendly and committed to answer to all your questions. 

At More tax refund, we are constantly updating our tax software to keep up with new laws and regulations. Our expert, Mr. Martinez is trained to know all the key points that is required in filing a tax return in the most accurate and effective way to maximize your refund. This way he can maximize your tax refund and prevent you from getting any tax liabilities. His knowledge includes tax preparation for LLC companies, Corporations, S Corps, LLP companies, Estates, Trusts, and Partnerships. Christian is a AA licensee through the IRS. He can file your  W7 application for an ( ITIN ) individual tax identification number without having to send original documents to the IRS.

He can also open up new businesses (EIN numbers) and give you tax advice accordingly. Let us help you choose the most efficient way to open up your business. As a tax expert he knows the tax law and his 10 years of experience gives him an advantage. He has prepared many hundreds of tax returns and have seen it all in this industry. So you should feel very comfortable filing your tax return with him. Give him a call @ (859) 489-9146



  • 1040EZ - $60
  • 1040 - $150 
  • Free State Filing  
  • Free Electronic Filing
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • W7 - $100